CP-WST stands for “Certified Professional – Web Services Testing”. This certification is prepared and honored by “Agile Testing Alliance” & “University Teknologi Malaysia”

CP-WST program is designed to train and uplift the knowledge of a test professional on Web Services, Web Services Testing techniques and test automation tools that will be utilized for web services testing and validation.

How is it useful?

Most of the organizations today deliver their applications utilizing web services. Web UI, Mobile and Desktop applications are now integrated to web services to do enterprise level functionality where they are able to deliver thin applications to the clients and move the complex functionality to server. Web services are the foundations for the creation of internet of things and Micro services based enterprise level applications. When testing applications it is utmost important to test web services or API level before moving up to the UI level testing and automation like Selenium. This program is a all in one program which will create the skill and expertise for any test professional to learn on web services testing and related tool stack. The course tend to look at tools and technologies which are demanded by the industry where the user will get hands on experience and certification to be a top notched web services test engineer.

Am I Eligible ?

Any test professional who has the enthusiasm to learn web services testing and who has a basic knowledge in Java can join the program.

Duration ?

CP-WST is a hands on training program which will run over 3 full days and completing with an online exam.

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