APITesting Ezine – Volume 1.1 : All about API / WebServices Testing

API testing is becoming critical with the advent of micro-services architecture being in prominence these days. The automation is shifting left in true sense. Even before the UI is ready the need to test requirement using BDD both at unit level and also at API level is becoming a norm. This online magazine (APITesting Ezine) is an attempt to help collate some wonderful knowledge bytes from around the web for everyone to learn from. This is volume 1.1. We plan to release more such volumes. Stay tuned.

Do you want to know which are the top open source API testing tools ?

We always start wondering which tool should we begin with if we were to choose API testing, here is one super article where Joe Colantonio has put together his top 11 open source API testing tools. The list has RestAssured, PostMan, Post Woman, SoapUI, JMeter, Karate, Fidler, Citrus framework, Taurus, Insomnia and Windows Power shell. Please find out more about these top 11 tools in the original blog published here.

What Exactly is REST

This is another question that comes to every first timer who is getting into API testing.. We found the following two articles worth a read to understand this. Shif Ben Avraham has penned these very nice articles. Click on respective hyperlinks to read the part1 and part2 of the articles. You can also click on the adjacent image to go to first part of the article.

What are GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and the other API Requests ?

It is important for us to understand what GET, POST, PUT and many other API requests or HTTP methods are there and how to test. In this article Cody Reichert , explains it very nicely. You can click on the adjacent image to read this article.

Indempotent ? – What does it mean ?

Another important question that will address the basics of this Ezine is Indempotent? what it means. Here is a super explanation on one of the articles by infoq. Read it here. or you can click on the adjacent image

Hope you enjoyed exploring this volume of Ezine.

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We also differentiate our certification programs by having practical assessment.

One such program which covers practical learning and aspects in the area of API testing is CP-WST (Certified professional – Web Services Testing)

CP-WST covers three of the most popular open source tools in detail – Rest Assured, Postman and Karate. There are training programs going on regularly, please visit the CP-WST page or visit ATAEVENTS.ORG page for more details

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